Posted by: rcosic | 05/05/2008

‘Dead Project Society’

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I was once thrilled about Dead Poets Society movie, and it took me a while since I’ve found out that it’s not a point to be in line. And it made me think why should we not have this ‘society’ for such a mementuos thang as ‘project that never have lived its life or not been discovered amongs the masses, and rather died because of some ridiculous (read: financial or ROI) reasons’.

Yep, you know what I’m talking about – you’ve been one of those braves which stood still when it came for working underpayed, overtime, overnothing.. And, finally, the project was never released! Or it shipped somewhere and then stuck in the sales pipeline, and never got alive… poor one, and we never found out why,.. why it gone away… (gasp)

Also, I mean for all those young companies driven by brilliant ideas by true enterpreneurs (I speak also for my self, because I was the unlucky one), and then ‘stuck’ for some silly and unfortunate event and wreck havoc its life..

Let’s think about these fine and sturdy monuments of our times, and do not speak, do not mourn, just stand… and let silence tells it all…. all is gone in vain… God rest its soul!

But there is a way, there is a promise that somewhere, someday, it will be light!
And that someone or something will resurect them and put them on the market! To made their purpose!
Do not despair – act! Not because you will loose our your money and friends (possibly wife and kids, and apartment), but for the cause! For the cause!

Ok, let’s cut the …

I thought that it would be a good idea to lament a little bit about it, and that what I did. Of course, it’s pointless to mourn and even think about the usefulness about something that was, at least in technological way, obsolete and rust. But, it feels my heart with great sorrow when I remember on those pittyful days in which, in fact, I gave my time and energy, but it felt me great because it took my soul away when I’ve realized that I’m doing for nothing. It’s pitty that you find that something you work and give yourself into completely is just suddenly ‘bad’ by CEO or market decision. It’s just like your baby you don’t want to be hurt. But, you don’t have influence on that. At all. And it makes a person saturated and dry over time.
Bah, at least, we have nice memories about that.
Long live the unusefull and worthless days of hardwork! But don’t ever happen!

Kind regards,


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