Posted by: rcosic | 05/05/2008

How to bury a dead company or project (undertaker lamentation part 2)

Well, I’m not through of this sad and blur topic unfortunately…

Why I’m stuck with it, I don’t know, but I wish to share my toughts and feelings about this topic more.
I hope you don’t mind.

There was an idea, brilliant idea (always there is one), and suddenly, all the earth seemed so differently, had a purpose, and the flowers flourished and bloomed. Yes, it was a very good idea, and to know it, it was joy and happiness, and it was priviledge to know it. But there was some gap, very strong and unnecessary gap between dream and reality. A gap will turn this idea into the worst nightmare – let’s name it – a bloody money line (actually, economists call it cash flow, but let’s just stick to the blues vibe).
And then, after deep thinking, swallowing the noodles, sweating and lying to yourself, you just convinced yourself that you are capable of doing this – starting your own company! Yes, you’re right, why doing this for good’s sake?

And then there should be a story about the success and happy ending, but… unfortunately, nothing happened about that, just said memories.

Does this sound familiar to you? If not, listen the another story:

You had your job, and you felt so exciting about it, and done everything to know about it, went maybe on private classes of some foreign language, took some inspiring books and read them, make yourself asteemed. And then the company florished, everything was so perfect; team spirit, salary, working conditions, small benefits, little pleasures.

As time passed, things became worse; your manager started to mourn, and afterwards yells, salary became unregular, benefits slicked away, guys with whom you have been going to coffee gone, coworkers in team splitted apart, priorities changed.
And then you realized – it was just a dream – an imaginary dream which vanished in front of your eyes. No more coffee mates that you knew, no more the same jokes about the boss you actually admired, no more the same old work routine.
You quit (or got sacked) and that was the end of it. Just bad memories.

Well, for those of you who have found yourself into either one of the stories: welcome to the Dead Project (IT company) club! Just jump in and accompany me in my journey into the oblivion….

I’m joking. Nothing like that will happen here. 🙂

But can we drink a beer in that name? I’d gladly fill my glass and drink it to that!

For those miserable days! Cheers, my friends!


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