Posted by: rcosic | 06/10/2008

DevArena 2008

Marcus Aurelius: And what is Rome, Maximus?
Maximus: I’ve seen much of the rest of the world. It is brutal and cruel and dark, Rome is the light!

I proudly welcome you to join us at DevArena this year. The conference will be held at hotel International, Miramarska 24, Zagreb, on 21.10.2008. Reserve your time and apply today!

The most tech-event is coming to take place, in which Ekobit experts, in cooperation of eminent guest speakers, will present you actual development topics on Windows platform, solutions in team development, management of application lifecyle (ALM), integration and portal development. Besides classes and presentations, DevArena 2008 will be enriched with a complete new type of interactivity – chalk&talk sessions!
Use your opportunity and join in choosing the topics on site, and find answers and solutions for your everyday work.

Feel free and follow this link for furher info: Dev Arena 2008

Come, listen, participate!

Included sessions:
BizTalk Server Jumpstart for Developers (by Nadja Roić & Kornel Boros)
VSTS Rosario wonders (by Ognjen Bajić)
Microsoft Platform vNext: Cloud + Services + Software (by Ratko Mutavdžić)
Automated Testing with PEX i White (by Renata Kovačević, Janja Tomšić, Marko Lohert)
Modelling of web/wcf services using Web Service Software Factory (by Ivan Kardum)
Unified Communication (by Tomislav Bronzin)
Design Patterns in C# 3.0 (by Maro Marčinko)
Windows Workflow Foundation (by Martin Kralj & Vedran Mustać)
Integrations (EAI, B2B, B2C) (by Kornel Boros)
Sharepoint web parts & Silverlight (by Saša Tomičić & Zoran Šantek)
Web UI Patterns (by Kristijan Prikratki & Dejan Martinčević)
Pro’s & Con’s of Agile Software Development (by Ognjen Bajić & Ivan Kardum)
ASP.NET MVC Framework (by Siniša Kušanić & Hrvoje Hudoletnjak)
AJAX – ClientControls (by Renato Železnjak & Branko Vlaisavljević)


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