Posted by: rcosic | 05/11/2008

Data Validation

I probably won’t resist to create a session about it, because recently I had request to investigate it. What I had in mind is to sort out different kinds of validation mechanisms used to verify data in different layers and platforms.

I would start with the elemental data verifications as part of UI layer – starting with “vanilla” WinForms app, then switch to ASP.NET, following with client-side scripting code, and end with WPF (generally, XAML).

Then, I will try to explain different data storage mechanisms to validate data, including relational integrity, triggers, rules, etc. XML-based documents can be also validated against XSD schema, so I would endeavor also this stuff.

The most powerful part would be business rules validation, or business layer validation mechanisms, as I’ve already pay attention to it in my first session about C# Business Objects.
There should be talks about encapsulating business rules validation into business object, via CSLA framework, and then, via Validation Application Block (as part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Library), and variations of the solution.
Next, I would shortly present Workflow Foundation‘s RuleSets and validation rules mindset. Also, I could mention Microsoft Business Rules Framework, which ships as a component of BizTalk Server.

All together, it would be good basis for decision making about why, where, when and how to put validation of data in action.

Wish me luck and good faith in doing this!

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