Posted by: rcosic | 20/11/2008

Exam 70-504 (Windows Workflow Foundation 3.5)

Hello! I’ve just successfully passed 70-504 exam with score of 966/1000. Although, it was tough one, luckily I’ve managed to pass it with quite a score. Nevertheless, here are my impressions from the exam…

Most covered topics were:
Activities – mostly the tricky ones such as ParallelActivity, ReplicatorActivity, CAG (ConditionalActivityGroup) – there were questions asked how to design the workflows in combination of those activities, CodeActivity and designing dependency properties, using ActivityDesigner and DesignerThemes,
Hosting Workflows – there were questions about how to initialize the workflow runtime (with parameters, using local services), communication with local services and workflow (interface signatures, dependency properties), starting and stopping, faulting instances,
Custom Activities – lots of questions (ActivityExecutionContext, dependency propeties, base classes),
Web services – surprisingly, very detailed questions about connecting, responding, error handling, and encrypting of data, WebServiceInputActivity and WebServiceOutputActivity, InvokeWebServiceActivity,
State Machine Workflows & Event-Driven Activities – ListenActivity, EventDrivenActivities, WCA.EXE, manual controling event routing (correlation attributes), EventHandlingScopeActivity; recursive composition of states, handling of events in state machine wfs, in particular there were questions regarding StateMachineWorkflowInstance class,
Persistence Service – a few questions about default persistence (SqlWorkflowPersistenceService), its registration, configuration; and couple of questions about custom persistence services,
Transactions, Compensation, Error Handling – when to compensate, when to transact, how to mix persistence and those options, customizing resource manager (instead of SQL Server) – IPendingWork interface and implementation of its methods; FaultHandler(s)Activities, ThrowActivity, CancellationHandlerActivity – when to choose one of another, dynamic workflow updates (all about it!),
Workflow Rules – the most intriguing part of workflow (maybe the most useful) – PolicyActivity, programming parts of the rule, serialization and markup of rules (and general), attributes, executing rulesets in code, validation, XOML,
Workflow Tracking – adding of tracking service, events, custom tracking profiles (SqlTrackingService & SqlTrackingChannel), SqlTrackingQuery and its Options, TrackingRecords, sql sprocs for tracking, track points, updating profiles, partitioning sql database,
Some stuff I never heard of (not covered in books I’ve read)? – WorkflowQueues (WorkflowQueuingService and EnqueueItem), VotingService, Workflow Monitor Tool – maybe they are added later, because I’ve based my studying on 3.0 Workflow Foundation books.

ASP.NET as a hosting environment was not covered at all. Also, my favourite part of WF – Hosting Workflow Designer is not in there. Alas, in this case – luckily, because the infrastructure for supporting this is quite complex.

I’ve made a small script out of the materials I’ve studied, and I hope that I will publish it in some time.
So long…

(added later)

Here are my scanned personal notes I’ve promised before:


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