Posted by: rcosic | 08/01/2009

Exam 70-503 : Windows Communication Foundation 3.5

Howdy folks! Merry Christmas and happy and successful new year!
I have completed the second 3.5 exam in a row, and I’m ready to hit the road with new materials (after I recover from Christmas holidays).

Passing score: 964/1000
Exam difficulty: medium

Some of the key points measured by Exam 70-503:
– WCF’s ABCs (address, binding, contract) – heavy covered – lots of questions including proper coding of configuration file and imperative coding, parameters; multiple endpoints for one service, initializing services, predefined WCF bindings, etc.
– contracts – which type to use when (Service, Operation, Data, Message), message pattern design,
– custom-made service host, channel factory, behaviors (service, operation,
– installing and creating WCF services, proxy generation,
– hosting on different platforms – majority on IIS; also NT services as host,
– Windows Activation Services (WAS), options on IIS and web-specifics,
– serialization – couple of questions – attributes,
– FaultContract, handling exceptions on the client and the server,
– WCF tools – SvcConfigEditor, SvcTraceViewer; message logging, tracing,
– performance counters, WMI, custom-made counters,
– WCF security – questions about roles, credentials usage, transport and message-level security options,
– federated security model, authorization, Windows CardSpace,
– reliable messaging, MSMQ, transport channels, queues (dead, poison queue), integration channels,
– couple questions regarding transactions, KTC (Kernel Transaction Coordinator), LTM, DTC,
– pay attention to questions including mix of different kind of technologies, such as: WCF+WF, ASP+WCF, etc.

Remark: I’ve just read an article on how the SOA is dead and will be replaced with somewhat better appliance of server-side technology, and I’m totally dissapointed. Well, there is some indulgencies and misuses of the SOA but there should be more evidence about its business lack of trust… We’ll see…


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