Posted by: rcosic | 16/04/2009

Application Architecture Guide 2.0

Patterns & Practices: Application Architecture Guide 2.0

Patterns & Practices: Application Architecture Guide 2.0

Firstly, thank you guys for writing this manual!
In my opinion, developers are quite lost these days when they need to choose between myriads of new technologies and options when architecting a new .NET (3.5) solution.

You can download the book for free from CodePlex site:

I have read almost the whole book (except for mobile and web application) and I can say that it’s generally good and useful. It gives you an overview about the newest Microsoft technologies (WPF, Silverlight, SOA, RIA), and how and when to use them.

Of course, there are some things that make the book a little bit boring, such as repetitive resemblance of the things decribed and said before; sometimes even dozen times over and over, and it made me nuts…
For example, you will read descriptions of different application types, styles and frames for myriad times – moveover, I think the repeating sentences are just copied and pasted where they needed along the way.

Common application architecture

Common application architecture

Apart from that, especially if you are not so experienced architect or lead developer, and/or you need to know only one part of the book, it will suffice you and be useful to you.

I consider the following chapters as especially useful to read:

  • Fast Track: A Guide for Getting Started and Applying the Guidance – for getting to know how the book is structured and what to consider when architecting a .NET solution,
  • Chapter 2: .NET Platform Overview – it can serve you as a source of all technologies and platforms currently available to use,
  • Chapter 3: Architecture and Design Guidelines – it brings you the information what to consider based on so-called “application frames”, and general impressions on how Microsoft (should) develop things,
  • Part II chapters : Design, Deployment, Architecture Styles, Quality Attributes, Communication Guidelines – read them all if you can spare your time (generally good to know),
  • Part III chapters : Layers, Tiers, Guidelines per-layer – also try to grasp it,
  • Archetype chapters (depending on your solution) – up to this point, you should get to know which archetype to choose, and subsequently, read here related chapter (for example, read Rich Client Applications if you choose building this one as your option),
  • Cheat Sheet: Data Access Technology Matrix – brilliant overview about all recent data technologies.

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