Posted by: rcosic | 24/04/2009

Windays 2009

WinDays 2009 logos

This is a post with some of my impressions from WinDays conference held in Opatija, Croatia. The conference just ended now, and I’m still collecting my impressions about thy.

Frankly, this was my first attendance of WinDays, and, also, I held one session named: Code Analysis in Visual Studio 2008 (which I held together with my colleage Dubravko Kukec, also from Ekobit). I hope that the audience was satisfied with it.  Although it had a good reception, I find it rather difficult to judge if it was successful or not. Let the people decide…

Anyway, the conference was generally OK; speakers, sessions, food, etc. I haven’t been there from the start, but from what I’ve seen, WinDays 2009 Technology conference had a good content. As every year, our company (Ekobit) had several speakers and they perform their sessions very well.

As a general impression, I have a feeling that the audience have been too much flooded with new technologies (Cloud Computing, Live services, etc.). Also, even the original schedule of the conference splitted in two parts: business and technology, business is just swallowing the session slots… Maybe there should be more topics for developers by developers (the concept by which we tried to conceptualize our session).

As always, tempus fugit – it was too much to see in limited time-frame and the time just passed through.

See you maybe next year on WinDays 2010!

Kind regards..


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