Posted by: rcosic | 02/02/2010

WPF Exam (70-502) Passed Today

Hello! I’ve just passed TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Windows Presentation Foundation Application Development (070-502) exam today with the score of 972. It was not so hard, but plenty of questions to answer (50)!

A small recap:

  • Templates, Styles, Resources, Data Templates – lots of them in questions – don’t forget to distinguish between control templates and data templates, using a key for styles and resources instead of a name, triggers and event triggers, animation in triggers, and so on.
  • Data binding – element-to-element binding, relative source, data context and source..
  • Click-Once Deployment – especially XBAP deployment (MIME types, security, digital certificate),
  • Layout – stack and wrap panel, uniform grid, choosing the right container for graphics, context menu,
  • Animation & 3D – two questions (about storyboard and ortographic camera),
  • Sound & Video, Resources, Localization – a couple of questions per each topic (embedding content, comments for localization),
  • Documents & Printing – XPS documents, annotation mgmt, etc.

All together, the exam covers (as the WPF itself) a lot of topics and it’s been hard to study it at once. To be honest, I didn’t cover all the topics, especially animation and 3D modelling. It’s generally hard to grasp it, and I’ll avoid it if there is no real need for it in some of my projects (although it’s very cool).

I must express my thanks to the author of very good book about WPF, which help me a lot to pass this exam. I recommend it for reading:

Pro WPF in C# 2008 : Windows Presentation Foundation with .NET 3.5, SE, by Matthew MacDonald, Appress.


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