Posted by: rcosic | 24/11/2016

Sessions this winter

I was giving a session on this year’s Ekobit DevArena conference in Tuhelj on October, 25th:

  • Building applications in Angular 2 and TypeScript
    • Angular is one of the most Popular JavaScript Developer platforms for Building interactive client-side web applications. Find out how to begin with the developing new Angular 2.0 solutions based on TypeScript and new ECMA Script standards.


This winter I’m also giving the following lectures in MS Community:

  • November 28th, 2016: TypeScript – the next gen JavaScript
    • It’s enough to say that TypeScript is becoming a standard language of modern client-side applications. It is a superset of JavaScript features based on ECMA Script 2015 standard. But, it gives us more than that. With usage of all possibilities of the language, developing applications with TypeScript more and more looks like classical server languages such as C# or Java in its quality and scale. Find out how the TypeScript is structured and what it can offer to a developer today.
  • Also on November 28th: Angular 2 – advanced day
    • In this session, I’ll present some of the advanced techniques that Angular 2 Framework offers, also some important aspects of today’s Angular 2. You will find out about Angular CLI – powerful command-line tool for jump start, integration with Visual Studio 2015 as rich IDE for ng development, new features such as animations, new routing system, Ahead-of-Time compilation, working with custom directives and http services, and on the end, some points about effective Angular 2 deployment through SystemJS and WebPack.

What I plan to prepare in near future:

  • Linux for Windows developers (a short guide for Win dev in Linux world – what to expect and how to get around in Ubuntu and new/old tools)
  • Reinventing a new web stack (I’d talk about famous LAMP and MEAN stacks, and how to make your own by combining some of them)

See you around!


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