I work my daily shift as a lead developer in Ekobit, mostly on .NET platform. Apart from that, I still passionable play computer games, collect war figurines, love cartoons and draw sketches on paper. From elementary school I’ve dreamed about making my own computer game, and although I haven’t succeeded yet, this dream moved me toward the software development and IT business.

Firstly, I’ve “programmed” in BASIC in Commodore 64, then tried to make my innovative game called Imagination (it looked something like Syberia  by Benoit Sokal) with my Amiga team called Systematics. The team emerged from the “garage coders” in machine language to, nowadays, very successful businessmen and/or developers. I’m very proud that we participate on first conferences in Croatia after it gained its independency, where we contribute in spreading the words about our country during the bloody war in the 90-ties. Although we programmed for a reason, we have made these demos for fun. Up to now, I think the 90-ties were the golden era of programmers.

After that, I’ve decided not to go to academy of art and went to the Faculty of organization and informatics in Varazdin, where I also leaded two student teams. This work navigated me toward the social studies, so I’ve got my B.Sc. degree based on Team work thesis.

Then, I got married, and, after a couple of years, god bless me with three beautiful children: son Tvrtko, daughter Klara, and youngest son Simun. They are already helping me in my work (for now, specialized in reseting the computer and spilling the coffee on keyboard).

When Microsoft’s MCP certificate emerged, I’ve decided to go for it. I consider it a good training in sharpening my “gray cells”, and to learn something new. One of my colleagues says that I became a real exam addict…

Putting all together, one can say, I’m an ordinary guy with not much to say. Maybe this sentence only:

It is nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice!

Kind regards.


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